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Always Free – 24/7, 365 Days A Year

Just like the name says… Totally Free Conference Calls is ALWAYS FREE. No bait and switch, no hidden fees, no catch. Just easy, free, conference call service.

Use the Same Phone Number & Pin Every Time

You’ll have your own conference number and pin to use on every call. Easy for your callers and easy for you!

Up to 250 Participants per Call

Need more than 250 participants to join in? Contact us for options. We can accommodate up to 10,000 participants on a single call.

Instant Activation

Create an account in just seconds and start your free conference call right away. Plus, there’s never any waiting or advance reservations needed to start additional calls down the road.

Moderator Dashboard

Track the number of call participants, set mute options, start and stop recordings and more with our Live Conference Moderator Dashboard.

Record Conferences

Record your conference call and download the audio file anytime. Plus, record an unlimited number of calls per month!

24/7 Replay

Replay multiple calls at one time using the recording access codes you assign before each recording.

Call Details Reports

After each conference call, you’ll automatically receive an email with call details in an easy to follow spreadsheet format.

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There are never fees associated with your totally free conference line.
Long distance charges may apply depending on your LD provider.

Enhanced Services

Online Meetings with Projector

Projector is the simple, free way to run online meetings and share PowerPoint slides on the Internet. Present FREE instantly from your phone or computer and host online meetings with no downloads.

Personalized Call Greeting

Upgrade to our Personalized Greeting service and when your participants call into your own private phone number, they’ll be greeted with your personalized introduction message.

Personalized Hold Music & Message

Choose music that fits your business or customize an on-hold recording with special product offerings, selling incentives or previous call highlights to engage participants before your call even starts!

Customized Free Conference Call Website

Offer Totally Free Conference Calling for your clients & agents as a value add to use with their own participants. We’ll create a site like this just for you with your own logo, colors and branding so you can offer this service too.

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  • Testimonial

    Everyone should be using Totally Free Conference Calls

    Bryan Thayer, CEO -

    We absolutely love using Totally Free Conference Calling! We're telling everyone in our business to use it.

  • Testimonial

    Totally Free Conference Calls keeps our lines of communication open at no cost

    ITP Purchasing Power, Larry Moses

    With all of our organizations across the country, Totally Free Conference Calls has helped us keep the lines of communication with all of our foundations and associations open at no cost as we promote our Office Depot Discount Program.

  • Testimonial

    I can depend on Totally Free Conference Calls

    Solomon McCluster, VP Sales - IDSTC

    After 23 yrs in this industry, if I need reliable conferencing I know I can depend on Totally Free Conference Calls.

  • Testimonial

    Better. Faster. Cheaper!

    Bob Schwartz, CEO/Publisher - Home Business Advertiser

    Nobody does it better, faster or cheaper than Totally Free Conference Calls!

  • Testimonial

    Totally Free Conference Calls cuts down time and energy

    ITP Cloud One, Larry Moses

    Kicking off a new program takes a lot of time and energy. Totally Free Conference Calls cuts down time and energy by providing efficient communication to our organizations and agents about our unlimited local, long distance, and international calling plans, without hurting the pocketbook.

  • Testimonial

    Top notch service!

    Asante Evans, AOS Consulting

    The service and quality is top notch.  Totally Free Conference Calls is a great partner to have!

No, There's really no catch!

Totally Free Conference Calls is always free… no catch what-so-ever! We offer enhanced services for a small upgrade fee and we encourage you to use our partner services below. That’s it! Please contact us if you’re interested in being a partner.


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